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Sashi is fifteen years old but looking great, often mistaken for twelve. She enjoys freeze-dried chicken by candlelight and full-body rubs. She does not enjoy overachievers, beef, or pork. Sonny was a lump. We like to think the cause of death was contentment. He was impressively happy and lazy and heavy and unskilled in the ways of cats. He would fall off large, secure surfaces. Once he got his claw stuck in the spine of a dictionary, which he dragged around for quite a while until he fell asleep next to it, unbothered and still attached.

Salem the Younger is drinking your water. The sleek two-year-old Salem, who plays with bottle caps, lives with Cat Cat! He is likely right now stranded on top of a giant mirror in the living room.

Ronaldo wins. When stretched out, Ronaldo is almost three feet long. Now a Brooklynite, adopted with his black-and-white friend Roger, he winningly fixes his slightly cross-eyed stare on Rebecca to try to wake her up before he resorts to sniffing her eyeballs. Patience is his weapon. The ultimate ninja cat, he can wait quietly forever for a human to trip over him and drop food.

He totally wins, every time. Kim is in the bath. They live in Queens, where Kim blends in perfectly with a furry black blanket they have draped over a recliner.

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She nearly disappears, unlike a Kardashian. The one time she fell into a full tub she hopped back out and shook herself off—no drama, no selfie.

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Ringo has just landed. Though silky, jet-black young Ringo is an easygoing boy, he always looks somewhat startled. When he arrived at Meow Parlour, he had a single white whisker on each side.